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Pads For Tiny House
3BR Apartments

Affordable Tiny House Parking Community

in Vermont

52 Tony’s Lane Jamaica VT

(No RV, Motorhomes or Travel Trailers)

Where We Are

Bring your tiny home and park with us to enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment.

We have available lots for a tiny house no larger than 400 sq. ft. of heated space.

Current Occupancy: 80%

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52 Tony’s Lane Jamaica VT

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Pet Friendly

Tiny Village Park welcome dogs & cats for pet lovers provided that pet management rules are followed. We make sure that each tenant feels safe & comfortable around their neighbors' pet.

Waste Water Hookup

Tiny Village Park warrants that the sewage drains in the residences are in good functioning condition and will accept the regular household waste.

Serene & Safe Environment

The park environment is earthly and close to downtown. We provide a safe environment for your home and family.

400 sq. ft. of Living Space

Park your tiny home of a maximum area of 400 sq. ft.


Tiny Village Park ensures that there is no shortage of water.

Separate Electric Meter (HOT!)

We use a separate electric meter for each tenant's home. Each monthly reading of the power usage is accurate and correct.

Lawn Maintenance

Grass cutting and snow plowing is done by the park management.

Our Properties

Lot 4, 1505 Bellows Falls Rd Charlestown, NH

Tiny Village Park, Lot 4

  • City: Charlestown
  • State: NH
  • Zip: 03603
  • Location City: Bellows Falls
  • Location State: VT
  • Area(sqft): 400
  • Rent: 400.00
  • Bedrooms: 0
  • Bathrooms: 0

1505 Bellows Falls Rd, apt #2

1BDRM Apartment upstairs

  • City: Charlestown
  • State: NH
  • Zip: 03603
  • Location City: Charlestown
  • Location State: NH
  • Area(sqft): 600
  • Rent: 1200.00
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1

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